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this is the about section for nadia "ruby" nugent. she's based in nyc at the moment, but you can find her in farmers markets all along the east coast. she's a proud first gen jamaican-american, big sister, and southpaw. 


all you really need to know about her: she is OBSESSED with the creative process. she hopes to amplify and platform underrepresented perspectives through her work, from film to photo and beyond. shoot her a message if that sounds like something you're into <3



2022 | Official Selection San Fransisco Short Film Festival


2022 | Official Selection Prague Independent Film Festival


2020 | Official Selection Central Illinois Feminist Film Festival

(a period piece)

2017 | Official Selection Rod Serling Film Festival

(Dream Deferred)

2023 | Official Semi-Finalist Rhode Island Flicker Festival

(Me and Somebody) 

2024 | Official Bleach Film Magazine, Print Edition, Fall

(Pearl Street)


518 881 6277

for creative and/or collaborative inquiries:

Thanks for submitting!

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